"Kelee has helped me more in three months working together than any other therapist in twenty years. I manifested a better relationship with my husband and children, and my dream home on 4 acres of property."

-Tamara Leavitt

“I was worried I couldn’t do 1:1 coaching with Kelee until I finished my Bachelors’ degree, but I decided to sign up anyway. Had I not signed up with Kelee, I would have never finished my Bachelor’s early. During the process of working with Kelee, I found my voice and I was able to express myself in relationships. I also learned many tools to get done what I needed to get done.  I keep coming back to Kelee because of her amazing energy.”

- Kimberly Wirfs

I worked with Kelee during six testing weeks of life's transitions. Kelee provided me accountability to ensure I was asking the right questions of myself, rather than asking me leading questions to get me to a conclusion. The kind of questions that many of us spend a lifetime avoiding because it's easier to do that than do the work and sit with our emotions. Her guidance and personality enabled me to see a transformative experience in our short time together while equipping me with the tools for a lifetime ahead. For that, I can't thank her enough.

-Dalila Zelkanovic

I wanted to give you some feedback about the classes I've taken from you and the Human Design reading. Since then I've been referring back to my notes often. A relationship that was very toxic and not good for me has almost literally been dissolved. Now that I'm no longer pushing for things that aren't there, my world has been opened. Last week, the guy I've recently started dating asked me if I wanted to be exclusive with him.  This is not something I take lightly, nor something I ever thought would happen. Letting go of all the ways I thought I needed to "be" and "act" allowed me to be myself and attracted one of the most amazing people I've had the honor to meet in my life. I have not been "exclusive" with someone for over 3 years. I thought i would be scared and nervous. Instead I'm thrilled, excited and feel like I'm just where I'm meant to be. Thank you for your help with everything. I'm going to continue the work on myself and continue learning and growing. You have helped me reach goals I didn't know I needed or wanted. Thank you!!

- Lisa Dunton

I absolutely recommend Kelee Love she helped me overcome one of the worst times in my life. I was laid off and lost multiple friendships in such a sort time. Kelee helped me manifest my dream job and setting boundaries to find new friends who love me for me. KELEE is truly a life saver and the best coach ever!!!

- Kristi Adamson

“I found Kelee, or should I say Kelee found me. I was feeling doubtful I would ever find love and my codependency was so unhealthy. She reminded me of who I am, the power I have and that LOVE is always within me. Now the Love of my life is not doubtful but inevitable! So in love with myself and my life. And Kelee gave me the tools to get there. Forever grateful!

- Janine Brunetti

“I worked with Kelee Love during a chaotic, heartbreaking and confusing time. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and I decided to work with her. She asked me to write a list of qualities I wanted in a partner. It did not match the qualities of the man I had previously been with. LIttle did I know then, that the man that did check off all the boxes would enter my life. And thanks to Kelee, I was prepared & ready to accept his love. Thank you Kelee for helping me attract a great (and receive) a great guy!” 

- Lyndsay Braithwaite

“I recently took one of Kelee’s confidence programs. Through a series of online video calls and the video content, I have learned how to be aware of moments when I am criticizing and judging myself. Kelee gave me the permission to respect and love myself. Kelee taught me to set boundaries and helped me create them. The program and working with her has been wonderful”


- Frankie Grant

“Kelee has given me hope through a very dark time in my life. I worked with Kelee and felt heard & understood by her. She gave me the tools through her courses and the work we did together 1:1 to love myself. I plan on continuing to work with Kelee to be my best self.”


- Becky Van Duren

“I decided to do some one-on-one coaching and absolutely loved Kelee's authenticity. She took the time to get to know me, and call me out on what was blocking me from progressing towards my goals. I still reflect on her wise words and encouragement. Working with this woman was a life changer.”

- Mandi Statler

“I wanted to tell everyone about my wonderful coach, Kelee Love. I needed Kelee at a pivotal time in my life. She was beyond what I could have asked for in a coach. She taught me so much about myself, and I use the tools she gave me. I learned so much and deeply appreciate our time together."

-Ashley Lyle-Mews

“Kelee is an extremely gifted coach. She is intuitive and someone who walks the talk. I recommend Kelee to anyone who is ready to show up as the best version of themselves .”

- Angie Castle


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