And Actions That Can Help Overcome It

Kelee Love

Overwhelm is a feeling that many people feel and most people are not sure what to do with this feeling. There are some things that I have done and continue to do in my life in order to help with the feeling of overwhelm. 

Hi, I am Kelee Love, and I am an Intuitive Business Coach and help women energetically align their business.

This last weekend I went on a little mini trip with one of my best friends. We went to Lava hot springs and went on a little bit of a nature walk around the area. We had so much fun. This experience reminded me of something a client and I were discussing earlier in the week.

My client told me me how exhausted, tired she was. She felt that she has too much going on. She felt overwhelmed!

As my client was telling me about her feeling of overwhelm we discussed how the feeling of overwhelm is a choice. We get to choose what we want to feel. In order to make a different choice than overwhelm we need to step back and focus on our values and priorities. If we don’t we allow our long to-do list dictate how we feel. Of course, we all have a to-do list and things we need to get done. This can seem daunting. My client needed to know how to manage this feeling of overwhelm. I realized that my telling her overwhelm is a choice probably didn’t help her. The more I thought about it the more I came to this conclusion that there are ways I have discovered that have helped me overcome my overwhelm. If I have the feeling of overwhelm it’s usually because I’m not aligned with my priorities. I am looking outside of ourselves and thinking about the million and one things I need to get done. I am not focused on what is TRULY important to me at that moment.

When we get caught up in overwhelm we are thinking about all these things that we are trying to control that maybe we don’t need to control at all. When I was early on in my business I thought I needed to accomplish a whole list of things for my business but as I’ve learned through my experiences that I didn’t need to get those items completed at the beginning of owning the business. 


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I have learned to deal with my own overwhelm by learning to focus on my own alignment. This focusing on things actually bring me joy, what gives me that positive energy, what actually makes me feel really happy and positive. By focusing on these things they give me the energy to get my to-do done. That’s probably the most productive thing that I have learned on my spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.

When the feelings over overwhelm come up for me I first focus on my own alignment. For me, this means that I need to do some self-care. This starts with putting away my cell phone, then moving my body which can include going on a hike, I will also do meditation and make a gratitude list. These things refocus and recenter me to come back to myself. I will keep asking myself what do I need right now to feel good. Because when I feel good I am able to tackle my to-do list. 

This is such a different approach than I’ve been taught before.

When I started practicing it this way I realized I have control over how I feel and the way I’m showing up in the world. This led to the realization that I do have control over my overwhelm. That it is a choice for me. 

Part of this being a choice for me is noticing when I’m saying “yes” to others when the answer should be “no” because their priorities are not mine. I also notice what can be delegated to others. I can see what needs to wait for a week or two weeks. I can also ask the Universe questions such as “Do I really have to do all of this stuff or does it always need to be done today?” The answer to that question is usually no, no it doesn’t not. I then focus on first things first, which for me is focusing on my own alignment and on my own self-care. I will also ask myself the question “what can I control?” There are a lot of times that we, as people, become overwhelmed because we’re focusing on things we have no control over. When we return the focus back to ourselves and ask “what can I control?” and “what do I need to do to make sure we are not falling into the overwhelm trap?” We then will have more energy and be more positive to tackle that daunting to-do list. 

I’ve also learned that over the years there are a lot of things that are not on my priority list anymore because they weren’t my priorities to start with. They were someone else’s. This is something each one of us can take a look at and start to reevaluate our priority list.

These are things I’ve learned over my years in order to help myself overcome overwhelm. I hope these steps help you as well. If you want to watch the video where I talk about overwhelm click here!

I hope this blog post served you!


Kelee Love


Kelee Love is a Professional Life Coach & Mentor. She has worked with hundreds of women love themselves, regain their inner strength, vitality, and confidence. Each woman I have worked with has had dramatic results in her business & overall well being.